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The sights of Mulgimaa


Abja Municipal Museum

Museums & Galleries|Posti tn 3, Abja vald, Abja-Paluoja, Viljandi County 69401
Abja Municipal Museum showcases the past and present of the people in this part of the world. It has been open since 1999. The permanent exhibition has stands and cases focussing on ancient times, the local people, cultural life, education, postal services, fire-fighting, kindergartens, sport, the local library, roads, a linen factory, a dairy, manors and more. There are also displays of tools, everyday items, textbooks and documents from day-to-day life. Temporary exhibitions are put on 2-4 times per year, based around special days and topical subjects.

Barclay de Tolly Mausoleum

Museums & Galleries|Küla, Helme vald, Jõgeveste küla, Valga County 68616
Barclay de Tolly mausoleum is one of the 21 places in Southern Estonia worth discovering which are marked by a yellow National Geographic window; if you love culture and nature, a visit is highly recommended. Field Marshal de Tolly, whose final resting place is in Estonia, is one of the most famous people related to Estonia and probably the greatest Russian military leader. The Russian commander who came from a Baltic aristocratic family with Scottish roots played an important part in the Napoleonic wars between 1812 and 1814. Barclay de Tolly's name has been related to Jõgeveste since 1791 when he married Helene Auguste Eleanore von Smitten and became the owner of the Jõgeveste manor.

Ceramics workshop at Mulgi Savikoda

Art & Craft workshops|Viljandi vald, Hendrikumõisa küla, Viljandi County 69612
At Mulgi Savikoda, you can make different objects: mugs, buttons, bowls, plates, and much more. The time and price of the workshop depends on what you want to make. We will dry the items and if you wish, you can glaze them yourself. The total time it takes for the items to be ready is 2–3 weeks. Come alone or bring your family or friends!

Halliste Holy Anna Church

Churches|Halliste vald, Pornuse küla, Viljandi County
The Halliste Lutheran Church is one of the most beautiful and interesting churches in Estonia. The Halliste Church, which was seriously damaged in the course of various wars, acquired its present appearance in 1991 with the help of local initiative. When visiting the church, make sure to look at the altar painting entitled Christ by Estonian artist Jüri Arrak and enjoy one of the frequent concerts. Interesting facts: - The church has an unusual black ceiling. - After a fire in 1959, the church stood in ruins for 30 years. - The oldest parts of the current stone church dates from the 15th century. - The Halliste Church is the home church of Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

Heimtali Distillery

Castles & Manors|Viljandi vald, Heimtali küla, Viljandi County 71102
The building, which was built in the first half of the 19th century and resembles the Tower of London, is interesting primarily for its exterior appearance. Chimneys are located in the round corner towers. The building’s stone walls are very decorative. The structure was actually the Heimtali Manor’s cheese factory, but is popularly known as the distillery. The building is in private hands and can only be seen from the outside.

Heimtali Museum of Domestic Life

Museums & Galleries|Viljandi vald, Heimtali küla, Viljandi County 71102
Museum situates in an old village school building of Heimtali that is a beautiful rubble stone building from year 1864. Visitors can familiarize themselves with perfect collection of the examples of national handicraft like old household goods and the furnishings of hundred years old schoolroom. In children's' playroom a whole flock of glove design knitted pigs, cats and other domestic animals is awaiting you.

Helme Parish Museum

Museums & Galleries|Helme vald, Kirikuküla, Valga County 68611
Helme Parish Museum is located in the village of Kirikuküla in the former rectory of Helme church. At Helme Parish Museum, you will not only see preserved items, but also conserved memories where each item can tell a story about its maker, user or owner. The multitudinous museum assets emphasise local values, sources of sustenance and way of life. Here, various eras converge, creating a long life line between yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Kaljurahnu ceramic kiln

Art & Craft workshops|Viljandi vald, Vardja küla, Viljandi County 70109
Workshops take place every Saturday where participants can make cups, bowls, vases, or dishes. A ceramist will provide instructions, as well as all of the necessary tools and materials. We will burn and glaze the items on the spot – you can get them in two weeks.

Karksi Church of St. Peter

Churches|Lossi tn 1, Karksi vald, Karksi-Nuia, Viljandi County 69104
Church is peculiar thanks to its slanting tower that due to bad soil has inclined one meter to the west. In the middle ages Karksi church life was connected with the castle. In the castle built in 13th century there was also a chapel dedicated to apostle Peter. Present stone church was built in 1773-1778 using partly the foundation walls of the castle. The architecture of the church is extremely simple, a tower with baroque style broach is connected to the church hall, on the east side the sacristy was added.

Karksi Manor and park

Castles & Manors|Vasu, Karksi vald, Karksi küla, Viljandi County 69104
Karksi Manor is located at the heart of Karksi, a few kilometres from the Karksi Ordensburg. Afte the Great Northen War, the Empress Jelisaveta Petrovna allowed her Commander, Georg Reinhold von Lieven, use the manor free of charge. The granary, the chief forester's house and the forge – the remains of the original buildings – are private and can only be viewed from the outside. The restored steward's house is open for visitors. The house includes a library and the village museum. The brewmasters of Karksi Manor were first mentioned in 1895. Today, beer and wine is brewed at the Karksi Brewery, located on the lands of the manor and known for its unpasteurised beer.
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