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Boat trip on Lake Võrtsjärv: Vaibla – fishing village Valma – Vaibla

Water adventure|Viljandi vald, Vaibla küla, Viljandi County 70314
How smooth is it to sail on Lake Võrtsjärv and what does a modern fishing village look like? You will find the answers to these questions if you come to Vaibla, located on the north shore of Lake Võrtsjärv, and step aboard the boat "Lepatriinu" (ladybird). In an hour, you will find yourself in the fishing village of Valma. On the way there, we will talk about the everyday life of Lake Võrtsjärv and its surroundings.  In Valma, we will walk through the entire village to get to know the local life. It is possible to visit the Valma adventure park if you book it in advance! The trip from Vaibla to Valma lasts for about 45 minutes. The duration of the entire event is about two hours (excluding the adventure park). Number of passengers – up to 12.

Boating on Lake Võrtsjärv

Water adventure|Viljandi vald, Vaibla küla, Viljandi County
Just how calm is Lake Võrtsjärv and what are modern fishing villages like? You can find out for yourself by coming to Jõesuu! You can stop off at its Visitor Centre, admire the lake from a viewing tower and then hop on board the Lepatriinu - you'll be in the fishing village of Valma within an hour. On the way there we'll tell you about life on and around the lake. In Valma we'll wander through the village to find out what life there is really like. If booked in advance, you can also put yourself to the test at Valma Adventure Park. The travel time from Jõesuu to Valma is around 60 mins. The whole trip takes approximately 3 hours (longer if including a visit to the adventure park).

Canoe trip along the River Õhne in Mulgi County

Water adventure|Helme vald, Taagepera küla, Valga County 68502
Canoe trip "One Day, Two Countries" starts at the upper course of the River Õhne in the vicinity of Taagepera and Holdre castle and ends on Latvian soil. The river flows along a course that is interrupted by rapids and is partly surrounded by forests and fields. When combining several 3–7 km stretches of river, it becomes a 30 km canoe trip that lasts from an hour to an entire day and complements a summer holiday, birthday or company summer retreat perfectly. Come on a canoe trip along the River Õhne – you find a lot to admire and discover here! This is a tourism product that has been awarded EHE quality mark (Genuine and Interesting Estonia).

Disc golf at Holstre-Polli Recreation Centre

Games & Sports|Spordikeskuse tee, Viljandi vald, Viisuküla, Viljandi County
The disc golf course runs along the hiking trails in the virgin forest of Loodi Nature Park. There are 17 baskets. You can rent discs and a map of the course from the main building of the centre on the basis of a price list.

Experience flights on a helicopter

Adrenaline Rush|Viljandi vald, Päri küla, Viljandi County 71023
Experience flights on a helicopter! We are happy to offer experience flights on a Robinson R44 helicopter. In addition to a pilot, the helicopter has room for 3 passengers. A trip on a helicopter is remarkably different and more exiting than a trip on an airplane. The helicopter offers a new and interesting view of your home, the city and the surrounding landscape. You have the following possibilities for flying: • During fairs and flying festivals; check our flight calendar. • Order the helicopter to your company event, and offer an unforgettable and unique experience to your employees and partners. • When you want to go on a photography trip, film events or give your loved ones an unforgettable flight in the helicopter.

Härma skiing track

Winter Fun|Helme vald, Möldre küla, Valga County 68612
Härma health track forms part of the Estonian network of health tracks. It measures 4.5 km in length and has a marked path leading to the lit Tõrva skiing track, forming an 8.1 circuit in total.The track mainly passes through forest and includes straight stretches as well as rises and falls. There is a 400 m children's circuit and a 1.2 km circuit for slightly bigger skiing enthusiasts.The track can be accessed from the grounds of Tõrva Secondary School or from the 3 km mark on the Tõrva-Tartu road where you see the sign for 'Härma terviserajad'. The car park has an information board and the track is marked. The season culminates in the Härma Skiing Marathon and Talvelõpu Ski Race.

Kayaking on the Väike Emjõgi River

Water adventure|Põdrala vald, Pikasilla küla, Valga County 68715
'Meie Liigume Matkad' invites you to come kayaking on the Väike Emjõgi River! We use two-person kayaks for our trips, each with its own storage area for small items. Trips last from 2-4 hours, normally starting from Hummuli and ending either by the Jõgeveste bridge or Pikasilla recreation area. On longer trips (24 km) we can stop for a longer lunch break by Greete Motel in Jõgeveste. Shorter trips cover 10 km. Instruction is given before every trip. The price includes a place in a kayak and all equipment, the services of a guide, a light snack and a bottle of water. Group size must be between 10 and 19.

Kayaking with Meie Liigume Matkad

Water adventure|Tartu tänav, Tõrva, Valga County 68606
Meie Liigume Matkad invites you and your friends to relax and hike on the water. We arrange kayaking trips in Southern Estonia and Ida-Viru County, lasting from a couple of hours to several days. We trust and know the Väike-Emajõgi river, the Ahja river, the river Emajõgi, lakes Pühajärv and Saadjärv, and waterways in the Aidu quarry. We have 10 two-person kayaks with all necessary equipment. We can also provide additional canoes. Kayaking trips can be combined with nature education activities.

Lake Riiska beach

Water adventure|Kuusiku tänav, Tõrva, Valga County 68607
Lake Riiska is situated by the Valga road in the south-eastern part of the town of Tõrva. The lake has shallow shores, a sandy lake bed and greenish springs. The lake's depth reaches 12.5 metres. There is a beautiful sandy beach by the lake with beach cabins for changing clothes, toilets, volleyball courts, a swimming pontoon and swings. Coast guard will ensure safety on the beach.

Lake Vanamõisa

Water adventure|Vanamõisa tänav, Tõrva, Valga County 68606
Both locals and visitors from afar like to spend the summer by Lake Vanamõisa in Tõrva. The lake is on the edge of town by the Tõrva-Pikasilla road. The area of the lake is about 2 hectares and it is up to 10.5 metres deep. The main attraction is the highest diving tower in Estonia (about 11 metres). You can buy soft drinks and ice cream from the beach and a coastguard keeps an eye on the swimmers. You can lie on the sand or rest on the boardwalk or bridges, play volleyball and there are also swings for the children. There is an outhouse and cabins where you can change clothes. Useful information: You can park your car at the parking lot of the Tõrva Secondary School and walk the 200 m to the lake.
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